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Lando Wines
Sam Lando

After working with corporate, private equity, and small luxury focused wine brands in the Napa Valley & Sonoma County for the first sixteen years of his career in the wine industry, Sam and his wife Jennifer decided to toss all of their cards on the table and take their hobby winemaking venture to the next level.  They borrowed against their savings and began building the foundation to develop a small Pinot Noir focused winery in the summer of 2012.  

Today, as in 2019, Lando Wines quietly celebrates seven years of producing delicious Pinot Noirs.  It was a bit more difficult with the experience of losing the entire 2016 vintage of wines in the October 2017 Fires in Sonoma County.  However, no one was hurt, and the 2017 vintage thankfully was safely resting at the new production facility.  While this has not been an easy journey, Sam & Jennifer could not be prouder of where they are with the winery. 

From the beginning, the goal has been and continues to be - make intense, yet elegant and balanced Pinot Noirs from the Russian River Valley and Sonoma Coast appellations.  They push themselves to make great wines they enjoy drinking and take great pride in sharing with dear friends.  Their Pinot Noirs are intense, elegant and fruit forward.  In short, delicious.  They are only sold twice a year via personal allocations during their release periods.  Visit the website for further details –

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