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Mag For Ag' attendees love living life, drinking large formats and eating amazing food - but not just any food. They desire experiences and safe food from family farms, such as heirloom vegetables or heritage breed animals raised by responsible and honest growers. The event focuses on helping ensure heritage and heirloom are available and on the menu in restaurants and small family farms have access to chefs who appreciate their dedication, purpose and passion.

Together we are kickstarting new family farms and hosting interactive discussions around programs that engage children 7-11 years old to start growing food. We will impact local communities, we will inspire youth and we will improve the odds against North America not having enough farmers in the future.


As the Farm to Table movement expands, we need a resurgence of family farmers to meet the demand in the next 20 years. We are facing a huge loss of farmers. The aging of Baby Boomers, those born from 1946-1964, is called the “silver tsunami”. By 2030, the number of those 65 or older will more than double and our food system will diversity, independence and variety if we don’t get in front of the conversation.

Losing small family farms raises many concerns about food scarcity.

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90% of farmers are in their 60s -

Who is currently growing tomorrow’s farmer?


Piggy Bank is a leader in the ‘good food movement’ and believes that the security of our food is tied closely to how well we care for our planet and all its different life forms.

We need safe and honest food sources! We need new farmers to provide these safe foods! Piggy Bank helps consumers, new and existing small family farmers and the pigs themselves. We are trying to put safe food back on American tables!

Mags for Ag is not about just giving a 'fish' but teaching to 'fish'. Join us for a dinner about planting seeds to make sure we have farmers for the next generation.

1. PIGGY BANK (visit the website)

Simply put, Piggy Bank is a farm that will help 1) improve the state of the heritage breed pig industry, 2) ensure the sustainability of family farmers raising heritage breed pigs and 3) create a system of “Open Access Agriculture” - the free and unrestricted exchange of information among heritage pig farmers in the US and around the globe. The agriculture industry needs an open access movement dedicated to making our foodways more safe, honest, and delicious. Piggy Bank is leading the way.

Piggy Bank is an operating project under Multiplier, (formerly known as Trust for Conservation Innovation) an established 501(c)(3) organization with a portfolio of projects that are turning game-changing ideas into planet-saving impact.

2. GROWA’FARMER - Where Youth, Technology and Farming Intersect

GrowA’Farmer is a farming program that targets children from the ages of 7-11. Our dynamic programming will inspire children to grow healthy and delicious food with ease. GrowA’Farmer is a strategy to motivate young farmers to thrive in all types of neighborhoods and economics through innovative systems. The goal is to improve the odds against North America not having enough farmers in the future.

3. Events enable the mission to be heard loud and clear. We will amplify the opportunity and inspire communities to act on a local level.



Child and parents will work together to save funds to enroll in an online service that provides seeds, shovels, and materials needed to create an 8x8 garden plot.



An athlete, winemaker, celebrity or corporation can pledge a school for a the GrowAFarmer program. The program includes a work / play shed, equipment, seeds, and growing materials. The funds also include additional resources to support teachers and includes a growing competition between classrooms that inspires team work, community resourcing and STEM.



MAGS FOR AG will enable the mission to be heard loud and clear. We will amplify the opportunity and inspire all communities on a local level.