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Tongue Dancer
James MacPhail

Known for his sixth sense -- an acute understanding of the wine grape -- James is an industry veteren and undoubtedly committed to his craft. He has produced over 100 different Pinots and Chardonnays (also a Merlot and Cab!) with 90+ point scores, making him one of the only few members of the 90+/90+ Club in Wine Country.

When crafting his personal project of Tongue Dancer Wines, James stays true to his belief in traditional, old world techniques with minimal intervention. He places an importance on creating a vineyard designate product with his fruit sources (Russian River Valley and Sonoma Coast) and focuses on sustainability and wines with a great “mouthfeel” (the sexy stuff like weight, texture & finish). Standouts include Tongue Dancer Wines’ dry and nutty Rosé, fresh and lively Chardonnay, or silky and sensuous Pinot Noirs. Yes, they’re wines that will dance on your tongue!

When asked “What makes a great wine?” James replies, “A great wine is fun to drink! It’s balanced, and by balanced I mean all the chemistry is in balance (acid, pH, RS). A great wine is varietally correct - you can taste that it’s so - with no hint of manipulation or additives.” James recognizes when a wine has been well-made and thoughtfully produced. For him, every month is ‘Wine Month’ in California.

James on bottling day FEB 18.jpeg